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Retired Dogs Available

Once our dogs are ready to retire we look for very specific and good homes for them to spend the rest of their lives.


Argo is a sweet, cuddly, kissy boy who need a home where he gets lots of attention and has lots of room to run. He is an amazing guard dog but love everyone. He does have a eye condition called Panus which does require eye drops everyday to keep his vision clear. He has OFA  good/great hips and elbows and is DM cleared. He is from Europe and UKC and FCI registered. Let us know if you have any question.

Adult Dogs Available : Retired Dogs Available

Rehoming Dogs Available 

Dogs who have been returned to us at no fault of their own and need a new forever home.



Boomer is a 3 year old male who was returned to us due to financial reasons. He is sweet, cuddly, and energetic outside but calm inside. He’s great with people, other dogs and loves kids! We are looking for a great home for him to be loved and cuddled. Let us know if you have any questions. 

Adult Dogs Available : Rehoming Dogs Available
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